How Dicky Beach Got It’s Name

Dicky-Beach-CaloundraDid you know that Dicky Beach was named after the SS Dicky which was forced aground in 1893 during heavy seas?

The SS Dicky steamship was a coastal trader that operated in and around Australia from at least 1887 until its loss in 1893.

The carcass of the ship was an icon of the beach for many years until its removal in 2015 for safety reasons. Some deeply buried parts of the wreck will remain on the beach and more will be revealed as the seas and tides move the sand around.

A wreck interpretation display, which will preserve those visible parts of the wreck, will be developed as part of a park landscape plan for the Dicky Beach foreshore park. The display will include a short film featuring community memories of the SS Dicky as well as a mobile display.

The name Dicky Beach will live on minus the iconic sight of the SS Dicky shipwreck.

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